These are the top 5 Caribbean Islands, according to Travel and Leisure World's Best Awards 2021


Every year Travel + Leisure Magazine launches the World's Best Awards survey, where it asks its readers to comment on their travel experiences around the world over a three-year period, and share their opinions on the top cities, hotels, cities, islands, cruises, airlines, among others.

This year voting was open from January 11th to May 10th, 2021. One of the resulting lists was the Top 25 best islands in the Caribbean. Among he elements that were taken into account when rating these islands were: activities and attractions, natural attractions and beaches, food, friendliness and overall value. Here are the islands that ranked in the top 5. Discover what to see and do in these paradisiacal destinations.

1. St. Vincent and the Grenadines
These islands scored 91.69.  According to one reader, "There is plenty to do in terms of hiking, sailing, snorkeling/diving and day trips to other islands". In this destination you will find white sandy beaches, crystal clear waters and exclusive lodging options. According to the source, a rejuvenating mix of outdoor activities and laid-back luxury can be found on the smaller islands.


St Vicente and the Grenadines

2. Harbour Island, Bahamas

Second place, with a score of 88.74, went to Harbour Island in the Bahamas. This island is famous for its pink sand beaches. This particular color is due to the presence in the sand of fragments of the shell of a microscopic organism called Foraminifera. Due to the action of the waves, remains of the microorganism, pieces of coral and crushed shells, are mixed with the normal sand, giving it that pinkish hue. You can enjoy beaches without crowds, boat rides or horseback riding on the

3. Aruba
Also known as the Happy Island, it received a score of 88.72 . This Caribbean destination is perfect to share unforgettable moments as a couple or with your family. You can enjoy beautiful beaches with warm waters, such as Eagle Beach, considered one of the best beaches in the world according to TripAdvisor's Traveller's Choice. If you like water sports, this island is spectacular for snorkeling, scuba diving, kayaking or just boating. At Arashi Beach you will find incredible underwater life while at Mangel Halto Beach you can snorkel over a shallow reef. If you want to live the experience of visiting a wreck, dozens of shipwrecks and even airplanes lie at the bottom of Aruba's coasts. The SS Antilla, also called the "ghost ship of Aruba", is one of the most popular wrecks. One of the distinctive elements of Aruba is the hospitality of its inhabitants, always smiling and willing to help visitors take the best experience back home.


4. St. Lucia

Obtained a score of 88.41. This small tropical paradise has beautiful landscapes, dreamy beaches, and charming hotels, which make it a very desirable destination in the Caribbean. If you like physical activities and adventure, you can climb the Pitons mountains that stand as picturesque symbols of the country.  The largest (El Gros Piton) has a height of 768 meters above sea level while the smallest peak (Petit Piton) has an elevation of 750 meters.

St Lucia

5. Anguilla
This island scored 88.25. After four years at No. 1, Anguilla ranked fifth this year. This Caribbean destination is known for its 33 beautiful, white-sand beaches, ideal for swimming and relaxing, such as Shoal Bay or Rendezvous Bay.  Its crystal clear waters and reefs are ideal for diving.  In addition, the island has luxurious accommodations that will guarantee you a wonderful stay. Its gastronomy is delicious, its traditional dishes are made mainly with fish and seafood such as lobster.


Beach at Anguilla

If you want to know about the other islands that make up the list, here is the ranking of the 25 best islands in the Caribbean, Bahamas and Bermuda, according to this publication:

1. St. Vincent and the Grenadines
2. Harbour Island, Bahamas
3. Aruba
4. St. Lucia
5. Anguilla
6. Eleuthera, Bahamas
7. Turks and Caicos Islands
8. Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands
9. St. Barths
10. Abacos Islands, Bahamas
11. Bermuda
12. Exumas, Bahamas
13. St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands
14. Jamaica
15. Jost Van Dyke, British Virgin Islands
16. Barbados
17. Cayman Islands
18. Nevis, St. Kitts and Nevis
19. Antigua
20. Bonaire
21. St. Maarten / St. Maarten / St. Martin
22. Cuba
23. St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands 24.
24. St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands 25.
25. Culebra, Puerto Rico


Frente a Ábacos y Eleuthera, los submarinistas pueden visitar los restos de dos trenes que se hundieron mientras eran transportados.