Let's toast with a Margarita on International Margarita Day!

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    By Caribe Insider

    Preferred by many due to its exquisite taste, the refreshing sensation it causes, the Margarita is undoubtedly one of the cocktails with a well-earned fame that is honored today, February 22nd, when its International Day is celebrated.

    Its origins date back, some say, to 1938, and it is said to have been born in Mexico, by the bartender Carlos "Danny" Herrera, although there are many versions, the details of its creation have almost become a legend, the details of its creation, there are those who say it was in Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico at Cantina Hussong's and Bar Andaluz.

    Thus, among the arguments that attest to the emergence of this drink that achieved fame in the world, there is the version that its appearance was in 1942, and it was due to Francisco "Pancho" Morales at the Tommy Place Bar in Paso Juárez.

    But this assertion is opposed to the one locates it in Acapulco, in 1948 and tells that it was Margarita Sames who prepared it for the first time to toast her guests. And since the name of the cocktail must be supported by some argument, there is also the idea that it was born in Acapulco in 1948, the idea that it was born in 1936, in Tehuacán Puebla, Mexico, in honor of Margarita Orozco, as a gift from her boyfriend Daniel Negrete, manager of the Hotel Garci-Crespo.

    Although attempts have been made to standardize the recipe for the Margarita on several occasions, the possibilities for this exquisite cocktail are endless.

    Of course, its base is tequila, along with triple dry or orange liqueur, lime or lemon juice, sugar syrup, ice and a salt-frosted glass. After learning about the history of this cocktail, prepare this exquisite drink and toast February 22nd, International Margarita Day.