Silvia Zorzanello in Memoriam Award honors outstanding tourism promoter

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    The Excellencies Group instituted the Silvia Zorzanello in Memoriam Award to pay tribute to the outstanding tourism promoter in Gramado, Brazil, who died in 2010 and had an active participation as a disseminator of the undisputed attractions of Rio Grande do Sul, of the Hortensia Region.

    In 2011 this new Excellencies Award was created and since then has been delivered every year, on the occasion of the International Tourism Fair of Madrid (FITUR), where a destination or entity in Brazil is recognized, a company, institution or person whose work or achievements merit a prominent mention.

    Silvia Zorzanello together with Marta Rossi created the company Marta Rossi & Silvia Zorzanello Feiras e Empreendimentos and successfully assumed the celebration of the Gramado Tourism Festival, which has established itself as the leading tourism business platform in South America and maintains its focus on tourism market trends.

    About the Gramado Tourism Festival (FESTURIS), Zorzanello interviewed years ago by Caribbean News Digital said "For me it is a dream come true. When we started the event, so small and in that poor place, people never imagined that it would acquire this dimension. And that dimension that Gramado has today, it’s not just a dimension of size, it’s a dimension of quality. And that’s what we work on".

    Gramado is a small community of 40 thousand inhabitants, is located in the state of Rio Grande do Sul and has become the third most visited tourist destination in Brazil, which annually receives more than 6 million tourists.

    It has an extensive calendar of activities, meetings and events, as diverse as the famous festivals of Cinema and Tourism of Gramado, the Chocolate Festival, an exhibition of cats, dozens of medical and scientific congresses and the Christmas party Natal Luz, considered the "longest Christmas" in the world, with 81 consecutive days of shows.

    The consecrated work of Silvia Zorzanello had a great deal to do with these achievements, and in her honour the Excellencies Group created an award to remember her and keep alive the memory of this prestigious woman always willing to give strength with its presence to the events and tourist projects.

    In a brief recount it is worth saying that the Prize Excellencies Silvia Zorzanello has been delivered, among others, to the province of Sao Paulo and together with the president of Group Excellencies, José Carlos de Santiago, made the delivery Eduardo Zorzanello -son of Mrs. Zorzanello- in an atmosphere in which the memory of this great representative of Brazilian tourism was evoked.

    The State of Ceará (Brazil) also received the Excellencies Silvia Zorzanello Award during the Fitur 2019, in Madrid, and the award was the corollary of a strategic alliance between the Excellencies Group and the organizers of FESTURIS Gramado.

    "It is with great joy that we present this award to Ceará, a partner state of FESTURIS Gramado, which over time has become a fundamental piece in the national tourism and mainly in the promotion of the destination Brazil, for the international market"highlights Eduardo Zorzanello, CEO of FESTURIS. In this year, when the pandemic caused by COVID-19 has affected everyone and the tourism sector has not been unaware of this situation, however, the Excellencies Group does not renounce the delivery of the Awards, which will be done otherwise, in hybrid format on 27 January 2021 at 17:00 in Spain at FITUR.

    The Awards corresponding to this 2020 will have two novelties: the celebration of the Excellencies Awards in a virtual way, and the insertion of a new category -Excellencies Tourist Mention Mention Wellness, along with the already traditional Excellencies Tourist Awards, Excellence Gourmet Awards and Spirit of Excellence Award. The Excellencies Awards were created in 2005, with the aim of promoting excellence in all areas related to tourism.

    Since then, they have become a benchmark for all those who work every day to achieve excellence not only in that area, but also in gastronomy, culture, or sustainability.



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