Kenepa Beach

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    Kenepa Beach, in Curaçao, represents an attractive option for practicing diving, sunbathing and swimming, in a place a little apart of the traditional circuit of beaches, because it is very calm and with a lot of privacy.

    It stands out among the beaches of Curaçao and it is located between the villages of Westpunt and Lagun, between two small cliffs which allow to make a good snorkel without going too far from the coast.

    Its infrastructure is much more reduced, limited to a rustic bar and low-cost bathrooms, but many of those who visit it qualify it as a truly paradisiacal place.

    Kenepa Beach has a spectacular viewpoint that allows you to observe in

    its transparent waters, the fish on the shore, a spectacle that it's very attractive.

    As it is located between two small cliffs the water is calm on the shore, but the sea is a little stronger in the breaking.

    Kenepa Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Curaçao, many

    tourists choose it to spend the day here because they say it is a pleasure that no one must lost.

    Kenepa has two beaches: the largest beach is called Kenepa Grandi and the smaller one people call it Kenepa Chiki and although they are far many tourists like to go to these places because they consider them charming and quiet.

    To get to the beach you have to cross an area surrounded by plants and that adds something very special to the way the visitor go to find a landscape of calm waters and a place to relax whose blue and green tones are a relaxation for the senses.

    Curaçao has 36 crystalline beaches that don't look like a sea but huge pool and among them is Kenepa Beach, ideal for diving.

    Image from Pixabay (Imagen de Mayra Rodriguez Singh en Pixabay)