Attractions of Gatun Locks in Panama

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    Gatun Locks have been recognized as the structural triumph of the Panama Canal and they are an attraction for tourists, who are interested in seeing that ingenious system that lifts the ship or descends it by taking advantage of its buoyancy.
    How to get to this place of interest? To visit the Locks of Gatun you can take the highway to Colon, when you leave the highway you turn left, the street has a sign at its entrance that says San Lorenzo. Later, several signs will guide you to arrive at the destination.
    There are 5 sets of locks in the canal: Pedro Miguel, Agua Clara, Miraflores, Gatun and Cocoli. A two-stage system in Miraflores, and another of a stage in Pedro Miguel, which raise the level from Pacific to Gatun Lake; and a triple system in Gatun that goes down the level from the lake to the Atlantic.
    The Gatun Locks have three levels or pairs of chambers, those of Pedro Miguel have one level and those of Miraflores have two levels, making a total of six pairs with 12 cameras in all.
    They constitute a unique aspect of the waterway, which allows the ships pass through the saw and act as an elevator system that raise and lower the ships to equal the height.
    They raise the ships 25.9 m to the highest point of the canal on the lake
    Gatun and then make them descend, were at the time one of the largest engineering works of its time, surpassed only by other stages of the interoceanic road project.


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