Santo Domingo, destiny with various attributes

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    Santo Domingo Santo Domingo, capital of the Dominican Republic, joins its cultural and historical attributes, such as imperishable heritage, hotels, gastronomy and places of interest that lead many to choose it as a favorite destination.

    Santo Domingo was the first city in the New World, and there are numerous cruise ships that arrive and allow travelers in a few hours to interact with museums, restaurants, walk its streets, meet its friendly and cordial inhabitants.

    Founded in 1496, it is the oldest capital of the New World, with its historic center declared World Heritage, and it is a city that evokes the time of Christopher Columbus and the discovery of America. It has palaces, churches and formidable squares to walk and evoke ancient times, including the Alcazar de Colon, which belonged to the son of the discoverer, and it represents an ancient witness of the colonial period in Santo Domingo, now transformed into the most visitedmuseum in the Dominican Republic.

    Also, a place very interesting for its historical values is the Convent of the Dominicans, where the first plea in defense of the Indians was pronounced. Tourism in this city with cultural heritage is a niche that gains strength with the work that has been done in the Colonial City.

    The historic center of Santo Domingo encompasses a grid of 16 streets and it is home to the first Cathedral of America (built in 1546), the Fortress, the Casa de Bastidas, the Palacio de losCapitanes, the Iglesia de losDominicos, the Casa de las Monedas, the Palacio de Borgella and the Casa de Tostado.

    Paved streets, museums and art galleries; buildings, that centuries ago, were home to the Spanish conquerors, some of which date back to 1500, allow you to breathe that colonial air that identifies Santo Domingo as the oldest city in America.


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