Recife, the Venice of Brazil.

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    Recife, capital of the State of Pernambuco, has an efficient infrastructure to welcome the tourists who visit it; it has numerous hotels and restaurants and is recognized as cultural, leisure and service activities center in the northeast of Brazil. It is the main theatrical, gastronomic and medical center of the region, it has a harmonious contrast between Recife's ancient monuments and the old and modern buildings in the business centre of the city.

    In Recife there are rivers, with many bridges; diverse beaches, such as the Boa Viagem, urbanized, beautiful and with natural pools; artistic and popular expressions and the hospitality of its people. The leisure options are very varied, both for those who like calm and relaxing places, as for those who prefer life night. Recife is also known as the Venice of Brazil, where the modernity and history with its colonial and traditional buildings alleys. In the period when the country was under Dutch domination, Recife was the seat of government (1630-1653). It has a historical record dating back to the 16th and 18th centuries, bequeathed by the Portuguese and Dutch colonizers. The old Recife, or Recife's neighborhood, constitutes the historical site and has buildings of invaluable architectural value. Many of them are currently used as bars and restaurants with tables on the sidewalks, in theaters, and in stores. Some of its streets do not allow the vehicle access and is one of the main meeting places during the night.

    In the neighborhood of Recife you can visit the Malakoff Tower, from the XIX century which was once an astronomical observatory. The Military Museum is located in the Forte do Brum of 1630, built by the Portuguese and Dutch. The Sculpture Park, an open-air museum with nearly 90 works by the artist Francisco Brennand, was built in 2000 in celebration of the 500 years after the discovery of Brazil, and close to that place is the Marco Cero Square, the city's founding area and one of the most important in the capital of Pernambuco.


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