Providenciales Islands, the main tourist centre of the Turks and Caicos Islands

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    Providenciales, also named Provo, is an island belonging to the Turks and Caicos Islands, has very significant attractions such as extensive beaches, coral reefs, holding events that highlight the cultural heritage and ancient fortifications.

    Considered the main tourist centre of the Turks and Caicos Islands, it attracts many tourists who like ecotourism and the enjoyment of a beach holiday for water sports and excursions.

    Providenciales stands out as an exceptional diving destination, both for beginners and for experienced divers, especially in the Grace Bay area, with a beach that is more than 20 kilometres long.

    The tourists are attracted to the underwater cave Hole, which is located in Long Bay and around which mysterious stories and legends are woven.

    In Richmond Hill there are ruins of old haciendas, since during the colonial period there was an extensive plantation in these places, while in the village of Tiki Hut the visitor can get in touch with the traditions of the indigenous population.

    Colorful buildings stand out in the traditional style and on the tour tourists access craft shops, as well as very suggestive restaurants that have gourmet offers, there are exotic delicacies and a selection of seafood.

    Caicos Conch Farm is a place that attracts the attention of tourists for the cultivation of rare species of molluscs, strombo gigas whose main characteristic is its impressive size.

    This farm is visited daily by numerous people who go on organized excursions. There are ancient fortifications like Fort George Cay on a small hill next to the coast and from where you can visualize very beautiful landscapes.

    An important part of the western part of the island is occupied by the reserve, ideal for hiking, with rare plants and bird species living in tropical forests.

    To this is added the option for tourists with children from the center of Provo Pony that offers special riding master classes even for the little ones.


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