Rimmed by a refreshing ambiance of exuberant vegetation as in any other place around Santa Elena, one of the newest and prettiest residential areas in San Salvador, the Berlin Hotel stands proudly tall. The owners, Mr. Horst Krueguer and his wife Dinorah, have made their dream come true: open a small, soft-colored hotel teeming with elegant details, homey ambiance and rooms equipped with everything classy travelers want. The Kruegers built what they describe in their own word as a modern German countryside house outfitted with large soundproof windows and intimate corners decorated with wooden furniture and paintings. This hotel, its restaurant and bar, has just 12 carpeted, air-conditioned rooms decked out in green and blue color shades and equipped with cable-TV, phone, fax and modern bathrooms.

Av. El espino, lote #62-64, Sta. Elena, Madreselva.
(503) 243-8877. Fax: 243-8872
Capacidad y Precio: 
Rooms: 10, 2 Suites
Equipos de Habitación: 
Air-conditioned, Cable-TV, Internet, Phone, fax
Restaurant, bar