Antillas Holandesas

Himno Nacional

El himno de las Antillas Holandesas es Beautiful Islands, sin embargo, el himno nacional de Holanda es también oficial en la isla y tiene igual importancia como el Himno de las Antillas Holandesas y el propio de las islas. Los tres himnos son utilizados en todos los actos oficiales.

Our Island in the sea , like gens they seems to be, Outstanding from a golden crown of blissful royalty, Though their people and their colorful may seem, They yet uniquely bland to be just one family. Bridge: So we your peole raise our voice in love and unity Chorus: Dear Netherlands Antilles, so beautiful to me, I’m proud to be a part of you a patriot I shall be, Yes Netherlands Antilles i pledge my loyalty To you always willbe true; I say may God bless you. So blessed with sunny skies and clear welcomming seas, Each island like a link that forms this chain of unity. May differ in our language, yet meet on common ground When some say “Sweet Antilles, some say “Dushi Antia ta”, Yes, proud are we to be identified with you, dear Netherlands Antilles to you we will be true. So we declare and vow, with dignity and love, Our nation we will always serve, may God keep us as one.

Símbolos Patrios

El Escudo, la Bandera y el Himno Nacional