The coat of arms displays a teal-blue stripe on the lower edge and the three-dolphin insignia standing for friendship, wisdom and resistance.

National Anthem

God bless AnguillaNurture and keep herNoble and beauteousShe stands midst the seaOh land of the happyA haven we'll make theeOur lives and loveWe give unto theeChorusWith heart and soulWe'll build a nationProud, strong and freeWe'll love her hold herDear to our hearts for eternityLet truth and rightour banner beWe'll march ever onMighty we'll makeLong may she prosperGod grant her leaderswisdom and graceMay glory and honourEver attend herFirm shall she standThroughout every age

National Symbols

The flag of the blue banner with a dolphin insignia, the coat of arms and the national anthem

National Flora

The flamboyant is the country’s national flag. This dazzling plant hails from Madagascar and is very abundant in all tropical nations.

National Animal

Anguila’s national bird is the turtle dove (zenaida aurita) and can be seen anywhere on the island

National Sports

Sailing is Anguila’s national sport. The history of regattas in Anguila harks back to the early 1800 when natives realized that the scarce rainfall wasn’t good enough for sugar cane plantations and fields of other crops to be marketed. Then, some of Anguila’s natives migrated. Other became sailors to have a chance of trading and proving the island with maritime transportation. Others took on fishing. In the 19th century, fishing boats ranged approximately from 17 to 20 feet long, quite similar to today’s racing boats. After calling it a day, fishermen used to race on those boats on their way back home. This practice began having an impact on the islanders’ racing spirit and by the early 1900s, regattas were not only a fast way to sail back home, but they’d turned into a contesting sport. When competition started picking up steam among several boats, those vessels were redesigned and souped up to make them speedier. Traditionally for fishermen and sailors, regattas are holidays and excellent occasions to celebrate life.