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The Caribbean, that Lesser Antilles, or insular-coastal-continental we call Grand Caribbean, located between both Americas, just like a complex of nations with their own societies, histories and identities, made up of Amerindians, Europeans, Africans and Asians, which currently plays a leading role in the international arena and the American continent.

Spanish company Exclusivas Latinoamericanas ELA, S.L., has taken its operations to the Americas and the Caribbean under the trademarked name Grupo Excelencias, specialized in products and services related to different areas of the communication world, counting on fourteen years of experience under its belt.

Caribeinsider.com is the most dynamic and complete website on the Caribbean. Subjected to nonstop updating, it is ranked number one in terms of the preference by travel professionals, businesspeople, travelers and the public, who need to be posted on everything related to this American region.

In this website, a genuine encyclopedia dealing with the Caribbean and Latin America, you'll receive monographs with detailed information on 46 countries and 218 destinations of the Caribbean and the Americas, updating on travel, historical, cultural and social events, as well as fascinating topics such as customs and religions. Special heed is paid to the sites that represent the region's historical, archeological and cultural heritage, as well as those that have been declared biosphere natural reserves.

As the Caribbean and the Americas are one of the most visited travel destinations worldwide, you'll find a broad section on tourism destinations; defining the website as a useful and reliable consultation tool for people who want to get information before travelling.
EXCELENCIAS is a member of CTO (Caribbean Tourism Organization), CHA (Caribbean Hotel Association) and it has signed a Collaboration Agreement with UNESCO.
 Its representation offices are based in Spain, Cuba, Mexico, Panama, Argentina, Honduras, Brazil, USA and Ecuador.


The wealth of Barbados was founded on sugar cane, which was brought to the island from Brazil by the Dutch.