Grand Case

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    Perched on the northern side of the St. Martin and featuring a different architectural style, this is no doubt a beautiful place to spend fun-packed vacations in. You can page down your restaurant of choice in the so-called gourmet capital of St. Martin. The variety of dishes cooked with a special flair will undoubtedly leave you satisfied. In the outskirts of Grand Case and its surroundings, gorgeous beaches ideally suitable to practice an array of nautical activities and water sports will be waiting just for you. Sea bottoms here are simply jaw-dropping. If touring ecological or natural places is what you're looking for, then all you have to do is walk a tad into the island and steal a glimpse at each and every corner. Every hike or stroll and every mountain you climb will give you a view worth feasting your eyes on. After a day full of surprises and emotions, you can sit back in one of the finest hotels dotting the village of Grand Case and enjoy its comfy conveniences and recreational facilities to the utmost.



    The wealth of Barbados was founded on sugar cane, which was brought to the island from Brazil by the Dutch.