United States of America

Meeting of Central American foreign ministers from the Contadora Group

1987. A meeting of Central American foreign ministers and the Contadora Group. Honduras proposes a new peace plan for Central America, a complement to President Oscar Arias’ plan already on the table at the time. Increasing tensions are sparked off by the presence along the Nicaragua border of two foreign armies: U.S. troops and Nicaraguan contras.

Pope John Paul II visits Honduras

1983. In March, Pope John Paul II visits Honduras. In June, some restlessness shakes Honduras with the presence of U.S. military advisors in the nation. Afraid of becoming a huge U.S. base and a springboard for launching contra attacks, tensions along the Nicaraguan border soar again.

The neutron bomb project gets under way

Reagan decides to start the project for making the neutron bomb, a project that had been put off by the Carter administration in 1977.

Nuclear missiles

The Pentagon decides to start making Pershing-2 and Cruise nuclear missiles

Ronald Reagan is elected president

Ronald Reagan becomes the 40th U.S. president

New accords on the Panama Canal

The U.S. Senate passes the new Panama Canal accords signed by Torrijos and Carter

James Carter is elected president

Democrat candidate James Carter becomes the new U.S. president

First human beings to step on the moon

American astronauts Armstrong and Aldrin become the first human beings ever to step on the moon. A second moon-landing is carried out by astronauts Conrad and Bean.

Robert Kennedy is murdered

Presidential hopeful Robert Kennedy is murdered

Richard Nixon is elected president

Richard Nixon is elected president and removed from office in July 1974 as a result of the rattling Watergate Case