Varadero constitutes the main bathing place of the Greatest of the Antilles and one of the best known in the world. It extends uninterruptedly along more than 20 km on the western coast of the Peninsula de Hicacos. The wooden houses that survive in the city are typical. The buildings of the place respond to the wide hotel infrastructure of the location, which services cover all the necessities of anyone in a tourist trip. High category hotels right on the beach, marinas, restaurants, shops, nightclubs, and the possibility to practice multiple sports from horse riding and parachuting to sailing and golf are the typical attractions in Varadero. Don't miss the charming Retiro Josone, or the Cueva de Ambrosio with its aborigine pictography. Cheer up and dive the warm waters that wash the place and discover the vitality of its corals inhabited by color fish. Live the pleasure of being on your own in a beach that is of your own with some square meters of white sand and where you can go in and in without drowning. All this kindness of nature: its sun, its warm beach, its blue waters, its fine sand, make Varadero the earth paradise that everybody dreams of. The possibility to admire the autochthons cultural expressions, complement the cherished offers of this beautiful bathing place.



In Colombia there are numerous rivers that descend from the Andes, and they are part of the great river basin of the Orinoco.