Boca Chica

It's 30 km from Santo Domingo and travelers can drive down the road leading to San Pedro de Macoris. Here you'll find the beach of the capital so to speak and one of the most bustling one overall. This extraordinary beach of crystal-clear waters and white sands was discovered in the late 19th century by Don Juan Vicini, an Italian immigrant. All kind of water sports and nautical activities are options, too, especially if you're looking to a nice stay at the Hamaca Hotel, built in 1950 by President Trujillo that definitely put Boca Chica on the map as a famous spa. Here you'll share everything with the company of a sumptuous landscape, plentiful tourist offers, luxurious hotels teeming with great options, nightly events and the best gourmet money can buy. Boca Chica has turned out to be the number one tourist destination for those who want to make a difference.



In 1627, the entire island was forested. Within 20 years, sugar plantations had replaced the trees.