Negril is the occasional capital on Jamaica's western end. Its coralline lode seams, amazing calmness and crystal-clear waters covering roughly 7,000 miles of beaches, this is a dreamy opportunity to splash into paradise. It brags with having ample options for your vacations. It has turned out to be an exclusive spa featuring hundreds of lodging facilities. There're no high-rises since buildings never jut out above a roof of palm trees. There're, though, humble inns and luxurious resorts filled with entertainment and brimming with restaurants, bars, elegant cafés and Mediterranean-style constructions with no bearing with Jamaica's look. Not so long ago, its more than 10 kilometers of beaches used to be the island nation's best kept secret. An oasis for the souls in search of calmness and peace of mind, away from the stress and strain of modern life. Its see-through waters invite you to take a swim or simply gaze at a romantic sunset. In the nighttime, the city turns into a more animated place for Jamaican music. There're outdoors concerts and local clubs where beating reggaes and calypsos give you the perfect pleasure in a balmy tropical night. Your days go by between horseback rides and sailboat journeys, between basking in the sun or traipsing down a strip of powder-fine sand until your feet almost wear thin. Here there are no precautions. As the night closes in, just swing by Rick's Café, right on the end of a crag that features one of Negril Yxtabi's best views. This is a magical site where the boldest travelers wait until the sun comes down to dip into the sea and then pay a visit to the caves serving as an underwater bar. And what about the Lighthouse? Built in 1894, it's the oldest of its kind in this quiet tourist villa. Nostalgic people can present themselves with a tour up the lighthouse to watch sunset from the top of the tower.



Nicaragua is the only place where there is a fresh water shark.