St. George's

This is a tourist destination where natural and architectural elements combine the pleasure of those coming to see the charms of natural landscapes trapped in a huge array of hotels, restaurants, leisure and entertainment spots and places to dance the night away to the beat of good music. Go visiting natural parks, bird reserves, botanical gardens and beaches with teal-blue waters all around this island nation. Forts, churches and some buildings lay bare the excellent preservation of French and British colonial architecture dating back to past centuries and the existence of a rich tradition attached to the city's cultural heritage. One of the island's major attractions in St. George's is the outdoors marketplace, an endless row of shops and stores offering keepsakes and handicraft among many other items. In St. George's, finding a place to lodge is a hassle-free task since a massive chain of hotels offering a top-notch service is at your beck and call, and an array of restaurants featuring a varied gourmet assortment can please the most refined tastes.



The island welcomes 65,000 visitors every year - half of them come for the scuba-diving.