Abacus Islands

Good reasons for this tourist destination to have the Caribbean waters as its top offer are the numerous islands and keys making up the Abacus Archipelago, Treasure Cay, Walker's Cay, Guana Cay, Green Turtle Cay, Man O War Cay, Elbow Cay, Stranger's Cay, Umbrella Cay, Grand Cay and the Great Abacus and Little Abacus islands, where most hotels, stores, entertainment centers and restaurants are hubbed. The Memorial Sculpture Gardens, Hope Town, Abacus National Park, Pelican Cay and National Park are just some of the attractions worth paying a visit to. Both on the keys and the islands a great variety of water sports can be practiced, famous international regattas are held every year, and fishing, snorkeling, surfing, scuba diving, golf and tennis will be right there waiting for you. Nature lovers could wander gorgeous deserted beaches, unbeaten tracks and explore a breathtaking wildlife. Don't think twice and launch yourself into a world of the unknown.



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