Belize City

Located to the north along the coastal area and sheltered in a small peninsula divided by Haulover Creek, an affluent of the Belize River, this is the nation's largest city and its former capital. Several hotels, tourist resorts, restaurants, nightclubs and stores make up an impressive tourist network. Enjoy a ride around the city and admire its buildings like Swing Bridge, the San Juan Cathedral, the Fort George Lighthouse among other sightseeing places and nearby keys. Plunge into the Caribbean waters and explore coral reefs that stretch out all along Belize's coastlines. Scuba diving, snorkeling and fishing are the name of the game in Belize City, as well as grand tours down to its natural reserves in Crooked Tree Wildlife Sanctuary, a major haven for migratory birds, and Community Baboon Sanctuary inhabited by a great deal of black spider monkeys and just a few miles away from town driving northbound down the Northern Highway. Driving down that highway, travelers will get to Altun Ha, Belize's most spectacular Mayan ruins. Plan on your vacations in Belize City and you'll see a bunch of surprises.



In this country, as in others in the Caribbean, cars are driven on the left.