Islas de la Bahía

Islas de la Bahía are located outside the coast of Honduras, forming a magnificent chain of tropical islands in the Caribbean Sea. They are one of the main tourist destinations for divers and fishermen. The municipalities are: Island of Roatán, Guanaja and Utila, as well as numerous keys and small } islands. This archipelago was refuge of pirates who used the islands as strategically important point to attack the fleets and to hide their treasures. During almost 200 years they remained ignored and they were called "lost islands", but now they are considered as one of the most beautiful islands of the Caribbean, blessed with a unique mixture of cultures, customs and traditions, inherited from English and Dutch. They have a tourist infrastructure that allows development of this sector in the zone. Their hotels, restaurants, centers of animation, stores makes more pleasant the stay of the visitors. Roatán is the main department, is the biggest and well developed where you will find more than a reason to remain for several days. Here you can appreciate the quiet world of its Marine Reserve, to ride on a horse or to enjoy the cultural centers. Guanaja is a colorful city located in a small key, to the east of Roatán. It has several mountains and its volcanic coral origin is due to a multiplicity of contrasts and natural wealth. Its most important populations are Bonacca, Savanah Bight and Mangrove Bight. Here you can enjoy excellent diving and fishes, or a tennis match in the only field that exists. In its Northern coast are located the most beautiful beaches. The modern boat Jabo Trader, submerged in its waters, is one of the best attractions of the place, which remains intact and lodging an admirable amount of fishes. Utila is the smallest and modest of the three Islas de la Bahía, with its rocky and wild coast, with several mini keys to the South and surrounded by beautiful beaches. The island is world-wide famous as the place where any person can certify itself like diver. A place of singular and cultural interest is the Gallery of Gunter, but if you prefer the nature, Pumpkin Hill, is the only mountain that offers views of almost all the island. There are several caves, one of them has a fresh water spring where you can take a bath.



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