San Pedro Sula

It was founded by Pedro Alvarado on June 27, 1536, with the name of San Pedro de Caballos, in a place of the Valley of Choloma that means "Valle de los Pájaros". San Pedro Sula is the main municipality of the Department of Cortés, located to the northwest of the country in the Valley of Sula. Throughout the history, the city has undergone diverse disasters (fires, floods), that is why it doesn't preserve testimonies of the colonial past. The city has the fastest industrial and commercial growth at national level, that is why it is called the Industrial Capital of Honduras, and considered one of the main poles for economic and tourist development of the country. It is the second importance city after Tegucigalpa. Its most excellent singularity is the strategic geographic situation, which give access to other areas of the country. Here you will find many options, such as hotels, restaurants, discotheques, stores, bars, just for your benefit and entertainment. The most interesting place is the Central Park where the Cathedral raises, constructed during the 50s of the XX century, and the Municipal Palace. It should be mentioned other institutions of cultural nature such as the Museum of Anthropology and History, Museum for the childhood and the Cultural Center Sampedrano. The location of the city allows fast movements towards the nearer tourist places, to the North the Port Cortés and Omoa in honor to San Fernando Omoa, constructed in the second half of XVIII century; The Lake of Yojoa located towards the south and the Cataracts of Pulhapanzak, to the south and the west; In the neighborhoods of the city you can visit the National Park Santa Barbara and in the mountain range the Merendón, the National Park the Cusuco, catalogued as a forest reserve. These places can be reached by land. If you want other attractions like the beach, you can enjoy those ones near the communities like Omoa and Port Cortés. On the other hand, there are two fields to play golf, having 9 holes: The Hills Golf & Country Club, located in Choloma, in the way to Port Cortés, and Lima Country Club, located in La Lima. Both fields are opened to the public and you can make reservations and even rent the necessary equipment



The first pontoon toll bridge built across the harbor in Willemstad in 1888 was free to people who did not have shoes. Today it is free to everyone.