The Department of Sonsonate, 1.225,77 Km2, is located to the south of Santa Ana, to the west of La Libertad, to the east and northeast of Ahuachapán and to the north of the Pacific Ocean coast, where you can find diverse tourist center and beaches like Cóbanos and Metalío. To the north there is a coastal mountain range, where it is located the Izalco volcano, which is one of the most important hills. Near this mountain chain there are numerous rivers like the Sensunapán or Grande de Sonsonate and the Apancoyo. The economy of this destination is based on agriculture. Among the main cities tourists may visit in this wonderful destination it is worthy to mention Sonsonate, where nourishing industry and tobacco manufacture are developed; Acajutla, an excellent harbor center; where there are localities highlighted by the artisan production, like Nahuilzalco, Izalco, Armenia and Cuisnahuat.



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