Mexico D.F.

Mexico DF (Federal District) is also called Mexico City. It is located in the center of the national territory. Founded on 1325 on the old capital of the Aztec empire Tenochtitlán, it was conquered by the Spanish at the beginning of 16th century. Later, in 1824, it becomes the capital of the country. Its name comes from the voice Mexitli, who means, " where people practices cults". In Mexico City we found different attractions related to cults. Their enormous 3,129 km2 territories are overwhelmed with regal and ancient palaces that preserve patrimonial architectonic values. In these places there is intense commercial activity and the astonished eyes of tourists keep all these beauty in their minds. All Mexico goes by its communication channels towards the Mexico City, so it should be mentioned Calle Insurgente, with 25 km, which is considered the longest of the world. It is considered today one of the most populated cities in the planet. In its roots, the archaeological treasures are kept, waiting for the modern man to tell him about past years. When visiting the city, visitors find more than one adjective: beautiful, extraordinary, magnificent, populated; but they never finding the perfect one. Undoubtedly, Mexico City is the heart of pre-Columbian, colonial and modern Mexico. Not only for the baroque style, but for the poetry contained in its population, which renders cults to the homeland.



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