Located on the Pacific coast, this location is considered a captivating spot due to its unmatchable beauty, also known as the Pacific Pearl and the America's Rivera. Nature has furnished Acapulco with a 7-kilometer bay protected by mountains and teamed up with a tropical vegetation where beaches will delight you and the weather will make you feel amazingly pleasant. All across the bay, full of gullies and ragged crags, you'll find high-valued hotels up to par with the world's best resorts, restaurants offering a varied gourmet cuisine capable of pleasing the most demanding tastes. Nightlife here is plentiful in its many discos, nightclubs and other recreation and entertainment facilities. In Acapulco you could watch the 18th-century Spanish architecture, especially if you happen to drop by Fort San Diego, built to ward off pirate attacks and eventually turned into a historical museum. Travelers can reach the Raqueta Island by riding on a glass-bottomed boat that will let you see the plentiful and motley underwater wildlife of that region. Due to both its tourist and commercial importance, the port relies on a cutting-edge communication network chiefly through roads and highways. Because of its beauty and tourist attractions, Acapulco is penciled in as Mexico's prime center of its kind.



Unlike many Caribbean islands, French St Martin permits nude or clothes-optional bathing on some beaches.