Cancun is located on Mexico’s Caribbean shoreline, covering a surface of approximately 50,000 square kilometers in the state of Quintana Roo. It’s been around for more than 20 years and is a larger-than-life location. Its sophisticated infrastructure, top-quality tourist services and assortment of natural and cultural attractions have made Cancun one of Mexico’s most sought-after destinations. In Cancun, you can choose from having fun with your family, your couple or a bunch of friends with an array of endless opportunities that invite travelers to get a kick out of every choice. Its beaches are probably the main allures. The bay waters are protected by Mujeres Islands and are perfect for windsurfers, sailing enthusiasts, scuba divers and boat riders. The open sea is choppier and good for fishing and snorkeling. Its many marinas make this kind of activity a breeze, both in the bay and in the Nichupte Lagoon, where kayaking is a great option. If workouts are the main things for you, there are tennis courts and golf courses galore, some of them carved in the middle of the jungle or next to the sea. You can also practice extreme sports like rappel, bungee and mountain cycling. Inside the walls of its archeological sites you can still hear the voices of those who forged one of the most important pre-Hispanic civilizations of all time: the Mayans. A few dregs remain from the times of the colonial rule: the Tihosuco Church –founded in the late 17th century- the Sacala Church of the Temple of Our Lady of Candelaria. The local history is treasured in many museums like the one devoted to the Mayan Culture. Its superb roads makes driving fun and fast on every mile, taking visitors to some of the most awesome Mayan sites of all time, both in Quintana Roo and in neighboring Yucatan state. In Cancun, most hotels and condos are spotted in the hotel zone. The world’s most prestigious chains have managed to melt luxury into comfort, many of the equipped with excellent spas. Nightlife in the hotel zone is varied. Here you’ll find disco clubs, restaurants and fast-food joints. There are quieter places and bar playing jazz music and piano solos, and lots of spots where mariachi music is the name of the game. On the other hand, there are huge plazas and shopping malls where you may buy local and national handicrafts and great items from the world’s top brands.



Little Cayman has a population of only 70 people. There is one policeman, a one-pump gas station and one bank.