"It´s an equilateral triangle into wich appears, in its basis, a hill with five volcanoes bathed by two seas, they symbolize the five central american countries, in the upper part of those volcanoes, there is a rainbow and under the the bow, the freedom cap spreads lights. Around the triangle there is a legend ""Republic of Nicaragua, Central America"", the body of the coat of arms symbolizes equility, it also indicates the three powers of the State: legislative, executive and judicial. The rainbow is the symbol of peace and fraternity, frigid cap symbolizes the freedom."

National Anthem

¡Salve a ti, Nicaragua! en tu suelo ya no ruge la voz del cañón ni se tiñe con sangre de hermanos tu glorioso pendón bicolor. (repetir las dos primeras líneas) Brille hermosa la paz en tu cielo nada empañe tu gloria inmortal que el trabajo es tu digno laurel y el honor es tu enseña triunfal, es tu enseña triunfal.

National Symbols

The Marimba is the national instrument.

National Flora

The national flower is SACUANJOCHE wich belongs to the Plumeria rubra specie, var alba. It`s also named as may flower.

National Tree

The national tree is MADROÑO wich belongs to the Calycophyllum candidissimum specie.

National Animal

The national bird is the GUARDABARRANCO wich belongs to the Eumomota Supercillaris specie.

National Sports

At the pacific beaches as at Nicaragua´s lake, Surfing can be practiced due to the existence of strong winds and waves. If anyone wants to dive it can be done at Corn Island and the Atlantic coast, this landscapes offer warm and transparent waters plenty of fauna and corallines formations.