Bermudas coat of arms shows a ship, the Venture Sea, aground in the rocks. The rocky coasts are shown to the left of the coat of arms and the sea to the right. The ship that is aground was sunken on the coasts of Bermudas in 1609. the coat is supported from behind by a big red lion in the same way its paws appear on the edges of it and its head above the coat as a crest. Officially it’s a lion.

National Anthem

1. God Save The QueenGod save our gracious Queen,Long live our noble Queen,Send her victorious,Happy and glorious,Long to reign over us:God save the Queen.
2. O Lord our God arise,Scatter her enemies,And make them fall:Confound their politics,Frustrate their knavish tricks,On Thee our hopes we fix:God save us all.
3.Thy choicest gifts in storeOn her be pleased to pour;Long may she reign:May she defend our laws,And ever give us causeTo sing with heart and voiceGod save the Queen.

National Symbols

The national anthem, the flag and the coat of arms.

National Dance

The Gombey. It constitutes the most important cultural expression of the African heritage in the island. Considered as part of the slave culture, the tradition dates from mid 1700. this local dance company has artists of great talent. They frequently perform in the most important hotels in winter. Sometimes they perform in the Hotel Palm Reef in the salon Gombey, in Harbor Road in the Paget parish.