Surf in Puerto Viejo Costa Rica

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    Many amateurs and professionals prefer to surf in Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica, and have an experience with a plus of sensations in this extreme sport, when choosing this place that has the right kind of wave to feel the strongest emotions.

    Puerto Viejo is a coastal town in the southeast of the province of Limón that has various sites to explore and are numerous surfers choose to hit the waves on one of two separate peaks.

    The first peak is located in the south of the city, near Salsa Brava, a popular place where many people come and it is full during the day.

    Surfing in Puerto Viejo can be practiced on all its beaches, however for those who prefer to ride the surf break known as Salsa Brava, considered the most intense wave in Costa Rica they choose the area known for having some of the best waves in Costa Rica.

    The second peak in Puerto Viejo, a little further north, is more convenient for the less experienced surfer or for those who opt for a quieter environment to enjoy the water in a relaxing with more privacy, as it is less crowded during the day, although it also has challenging pitch points for surfers of all skill levels.

    Less experienced surfers can see some of the smaller breaks or just watch the more experienced take the powerful waves.

    Many international surfers enjoy Salsa Brava because its waves are consistently powerful.

    The super-fast wave is known as a breakout reef and includes two peaks, left and right and the best for surfing when it is barreling, because the wave is fast and steep, it is only recommended for advanced surfers.


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