Seven Mile Beach

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    The Seven Mile Beach in the Cayman Islands stands out for its striking length that justifies its name, to which is added its extraordinary beauty and the luxury resorts built in that place of interest for tourist. Many travellers choose it to spend a pleasant day, to brown in the sun in its white sand and take a bath in its crystal-clear waters, an attribute to be rated as one of the best beaches of the world. Seven Mile Beach is located in the capital of George Town, and the large influx of tourists also has to do with the variety of activities to enjoy in that area, such as diving in its waters and enjoy a romantic dinner in some of its resorts. In addition to its length, this Cayman Island beach is shaped like a horseshoe and those who choose to dive can do so in the area of this place of enchantment to see the beautiful coral reefs that treasure. The water is so crystal clear and shallow that allows beginners to snorkel on the barrier reef without the need to use masks or snorkels swim, dive and even swimming among stingrays in their natural habitat, which is a unique experience. In the area of Seven Mile Beach another interesting place to visit is Hell and Turtle Farm, a large marine theme park which is about 9 hectares in area where we also see other animals such as sharks, barracudas, exotic birds and a refuge for iguanas. In addition, it is a region free of taxes which is of interest for all kinds of shopping for better prices by those who visit the Cayman Islands and go to this beautiful Seven Mile Beach.


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