Puerto Vallarta has it all to spend an incredible vacation

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    Puerto Vallarta, in the State of Jalisco, Mexico, has it all to spend an incredible vacation, beautiful beaches, hotels, variety of restaurants and recreational activities.

    It is recognized as a charming tourist destination that has constructions with red roofs, and where you will find beautiful crafts, while the vacationer has the options to visit art galleries, walk along the boardwalk, walk through the streets and watch the sunset when the sun turns golden.

    Puerto Vallarta has quality beaches and the calm waters of Banderas Bay are excellent for diving, although you can also observe the artists sculpting, spectacular creations in the sand, while at night music, nightlife and culture life lovers have several offers.

    It is one of the most important tourist spots in the State of Jalisco, as the most sought-after beach on the national and international Mexican Pacific.

    In this Mexican destination the traveler will be able to enjoy a modern hotel infrastructure, various activities, with more than 50 options of outdoor activities, varied events and international festivals, high level gastronomy, exceptional weather, paradisiacal beaches and the hospitality of its people.

    Puerto Vallarta also has three impressive golf courses.

    A beautiful colonial architecture, spectacular and beautiful beaches landscapes Puerto Vallarta offers, a destination that has increased its popularity among event organizers because of its accessibility, the proximity, the excellent weather and the new brand MICE tourism infrastructure. Offers include Canopy, ATV tours, diving and deep-sea fishing, which are some of the activities you can do for a program for companions or for free time.

    Puerto Vallarta's gastronomic fame has made it the host of the internationally recognized Gourmet Festival, which brings together great chefs from all over the world.


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