Coche Island

Coche Island lies south of Margarita and stands approximately some 65 yards above sea level with a surface of 11 kilometers long and 6 kilometers wide. The island belongs to the municipality of Villalba. The capital is San Pedro de Coche. To get to this destination, you must depart aboard a ferryboat from Punta de Piedra on Margarita Island all the way to San Pedro. Moreover, local hotels offer cruise trips to Coche Island. Coche’s residents are kind and quiet people who make a living out of fishing, tourism and the island’s salt mines. Despite being an island teeming with history, this is one of the most unexplored places on the face of the earth. Its local hotels respect the natural environment and take advantage of the good things the Caribbean Sea has to offer. The island is marked by different landscapes, even though one of its top attractions is a shoreline dotted with a variety of beaches for everyone. If you’re sort of a lone ranger, then a bicycle ride could really do the trick. Pedaling down the bikeway is the right choice for those willing to get in touch with the beauty of nature.



Unlike many Caribbean islands, French St Martin permits nude or clothes-optional bathing on some beaches.