If you travel by the waters of the Demerara River you will arrive to Georgetown, the greater coastal establishment of the nation, with wood houses of the XIX century with a charming green landscape that surrounds the old Dutch channels. The city captivates for its countless colonial works of the periods of Dutch and British domination, its ample avenues escorted by trees and their numerous places of interest which you may visit and will leave you simply fascinated. From all the constructions, the Cathedral of San Jorge, a white Victorian structure built in 1892 raises and it is considered with its 182 feet of height, the higher wood construction of the world. When being located exactly in the opening of the Demerara, in the Caribbean coast of South America, Georgetown is like a front door for any excursion towards the rear area. Every visitor lands in the international airport of Timheri and it is transferred to the urban zone of the capital, for the lodging in one of the diverse hotels existing there. A stroll by the city will allow you to have the opportunity to enjoy the service offered at the restaurants, but if you wish to relax, you can do it in the beautiful waters of its beaches. Visit Georgetown, and you will never regret knowing a place never imagined. It holds splendor and treasure.



George Washington left the American mainland only once - in 1751 to visit his sick brother in Barbados.