Cartagena de indias

This is Colombia's prettiest city, still preserved today thanks to its protective walls and the development of the region as a tourist destination. It's also the country's second largest port due to its location in one of the most wonderful bays in the whole continent washed by the Caribbean Sea. In this city, you'll find great attractions and sightseeing places that won't let you fall prey on boredom. Leave behind the coziness of your hotel to take a grand tour around Cartagena, whose bay is labeled in brochures and catalogs as one of the safest and prettiest in the whole country. Its walls were silent witnesses to some of the harshest battles in the past. Many things can be said about its geography, topography, weather and location. But since too many people have said this before, we simply invite you to find the location and see for yourself. The city's main street, running along the bay, has become a sought-after boulevard teeming with spanking new bars and restaurants with music blaring out all the time. You can also pay a visit to museums and parks the city has to offer. This diversity of options will make you enjoy Cartagena de Indias. Just make a wish and you'll be here.



In Colombia there are numerous rivers that descend from the Andes, and they are part of the great river basin of the Orinoco.