San Andres & Providencia

This archipelago of coral-reef islands, 700 kilometers off the Colombian coasts, is one of the most coveted tourist destinations under the sun for its beautiful beaches, its breathtaking reefs and crystal-clear waters. Stories of pirates burying treasures in the nearby caves still make the rounds and the legend of a well-known buccaneer named Morgan has lived out the passage of time. Volcanic-rock Providence Island is 90 kilometers north of San Andres, one of the quietest locations in the Colombian Caribbean. Its reefs are larger than those in San Andres and it stands for a unique spot for scuba divers. It also features great sightseeing places that sport a British-style architecture and a colorful decoration in most of its houses. San Andres Island is 13 kilometers long and just 3 kilometers wide. However, those dimensions do not deter water sports buffs from coming to this archipelago. After going through some extensive workout, you can lay back in one of the hotels this island has to offer, where a nice ambience and a top-rated service are the name of the game. In case you'd like to practice basketball or baseball, just join a team of natives who are likewise great fans of horse races. Don't take too long to come to this marvelous destination and likelihood is this might be the most spectacular place you've ever been to.



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