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    Scarborough, Tobago's capital, is 35 km northeast of Trinidad, hemmed in by the waters of the Atlantic Ocean. Penciled in as one of the world's most cosmopolitan cities, here you'll find shows on ancient traditions and customs, contemporary ways of life, Indian bazaars, cult and worshipping places, sightseeing locations and endless celebrations. As far as the old part of town is concerned, the King's Wharf and the Independence Square are two cases in point. The Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception is a Catholic church built in 1832. Forts Chacon and Picton stand out with a breathtaking architecture. Beneath the base of Fort King George, travelers will hit upon jaw-dropping botanical gardens and impressive views all along the coastline. Rocky Bay is not far from there, a building housing Tobago's Parliament at James Park, and the Gun Bridge packed with architectural treasures. A considerable range of hotels, gourmet mesons, restaurants and other choices stand out for their splendor and top-quality service. This combination of options will give guests a much better stay in the city and a nightlife jam-packed with nonstop emotions. In short, just an unforgettable night. You could also go shopping for any particular item in any store or mall. The rest of the island has a variety of beauties in store for you like Mount Saint George with a gorgeous crag overlooking the ocean; Fort Granby with its black-sandy beach; the King's Bay Falls whose waters pour directly into a natural fresh-water pond hedged with great beaches all around; Charlotteville featuring two great beaches: Man of War Bay and Lover's Beach, the latter known worldwide for its pinkish sands; Flagstaff Hill, the island's highest peak; the Bucoo Coral Reef, and last but not least, Pigeon Point and Turtle Bay beaches.


    Suriname's capital, Paramaribo, has a Roman Catholic cathedral, a synagogue and a mosque.