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    Camaguey is one of the most important provinces in the country. It treasures one of the most beautiful historic centers of the Cuban cities with huge civilian and religious buildings which walls keep a centenarian history. Founded in 1515, among the first seven villas of Cuba, with the name of Santa Maria del Puerto Principe, it was later changed to its present location. Big names as those of Ignacio Agramonte and Nicolás Guillén and cultural institutions of significant work as the Camaguey Ballet, the second ballet company after the National Ballet are linked to its attached patriotic and cultural traditions, which give it the title of Legendary. The main tourist resort of the province is located in Santa Lucia, a peaceful place turned into a 20 kilometers beach on the North coast with the beauties of its quiet nature only broken by the sounds of flamingos and sea gulls. Comfort, beauty and water sports conjugate in this beautiful resort. Due to its vicinity with the biggest coral reef in the western hemisphere it's incomparable scenery for those who love underwater depths and an ineludible option for scuba diving. Some of the most interesting places in the city are the Plaza de San Juan de Dios, the Church and Convent of Our Lady of the Charity, the birth place of Mayor Ignacio Agramonte, the Principal Theater of Camaguey, the popular house of Candita Batista, and the Troubadour's House, located in Park Agramonte, one of the most important spots in the city related with corsairs and pirates. In the outskirts there are the Sierra de Cubitas Mountains with its numerous caverns, Cay Sabinal, Cay Guajaba, Cay Romano, Cay Cruz y Cay Megano Grande, being all these places of great beauty. Camaguey is also known as the city of the big clay jars because of the existence of many of these clay recipients, used in ancient times to hold and keep rain water and today ornamental objects in parks and porches.



    San Salvador, or Watling Island, is the most popular candidate for Christopher Columbus' first landfall on his 1492 voyage in search of a western route to India.