Saint Vincent, of volcanic origin, is the country's largest and major island. Its capital is Kingstown. The island is marked by a great variety of massifs and torrents harboring an odd and abundant tropical vegetation. La Soufriere, Richmond Peak, the Grand Bonhomme and Mount Saint Andrews are indeed the island nation's rugged mountains. This is by and large a very lively and brisk city. Once you're there, don't forget to visit the fruit and vegetable market, as well as Fort Charlotte, both located atop a breathtaking promontory near the sea. The Kingstown Library treasures relics from the Caribbean culture, while the Saint Vincent Botanical Garden, opened in 1763, ranks as one of the oldest in the West Indies. This garden was the first ever to own breadfruit trees brought to the island in 1793 from the Pacific Ocean. For those fond of flowers and living nature, these two islands team up to let you feast your eyes on them and cheer up your spirit. Visit La Soufrieré, the island's active volcano, and the Balcine Falls, a gorgeous 30-meter waterfall reachable by boat. The island is outfitted with shops, bars, restaurants, nightclubs and sports clubs. Most of the hotels in the main resorts have many tourist attractions to offer. This means reaching the city aboard private boats steered by well-to-do travelers who own properties on these islands.


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