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    The greater attraction of this city is the interesting Zoological Park from P.R. (Zoorico), the beautiful and educative Park of the Próceres, the University Enclosure of Mayagüez (RUM) of the University of Puerto Rico, the Square of Columbus, the Yagüez Theater, the Agricultural Experimental Station and, very particularly, its colorful streets where there are still numerous historical structures of interesting architecture and well preserved. Small restaurants and places for accommodation are available for all visitors to this tourist attraction. As opposed to the coasts of Mayagüez, the island of Mona is 75 kilometers on the way towards the Dominican Republic. It has 70 kilometers of surface and it is a paradise for animal life. It has the oldest and most exotic vegetation of the Antilles and it brings difficulties to arrive to it. Nowadays, it is under the protection of the Department of Natural Resources.



    Shell Beach on Guyana's northeast coast is a 90-mile (145km) stretch of millions of tiny shells - and a nesting ground for hawksbill turtles.