El Viejo San Juan

With the glowing beauty of its environment and showing off its many colonial charms, the city's old core stands tall. The Old San Juan, teeming with museums and art galleries, also features architectural relics from the 16th and 17th centuries. No wonder it was declared a Heritage of Mankind back in 1983. The old core's seven blocks showcase their impeccably restored buildings -new coats of paint included- that rank as some of the best preserved Spanish-style constructions everywhere. Most of these buildings, some of them as old as the 16th century, currently house museums and government offices. The magic of the Old San Juan could really jinx visitors after a two-hour walk down its luring tourist heart. A singular interest-packed stroll could kick off right at the Arms Square, one of the city's four plazas. The remaining three are San Jose, Fifth Centenary and Columbus Square, one that pays tribute to the Spanish discoverer. Another sightseeing location is the Morro Castle, a 16th-century fortress that dominates the entire San Juan Bay and it currently stands for one of its most precious symbols. The Columbus Square features a statue of Christopher Columbus. Not far from there, the Tapia & Riviera Theater and the Spanish-style Old Casino of Puerto Rico are close at hand. This particular casino was built after the U.S. conquest. In short, the Old San Juan waits for you with an endless array of sightseeing locations and spots to animate the city's nightlife. Don't forget about the shopping malls where you could buy the perfect keepsake or gift. You'll also find several restaurants in town where you could taste any kind of food at very affordable prices. At the same time, there are great hotel offers at your fingertips that guarantee a top-quality service and the best comfort money can buy. After a grand tour around the Old San Juan, the traveler will feel satisfied after having ripped into the mysteries of one Caribbean city where, paradoxically and irresistibly, colonial history and today's high-tech daily life blend together.



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