Montego Bay

The country's second-largest city, Montego Bay -or Mo Bay, as its residents call it- is a paradise of those tourists who want to get pampered. Here you'll find Doctor's Dave, one of the country's best natural beaches. Underwater coral reefs can be goggled effortlessly through a crystal-clear sea. This city invites you to walk down its major sightseeing places and entertainment spots, the wavy landscape of the northern area featuring golf courses, swimming pools of all shapes and sizes, narrow zigzagging streets, a see-through and calm sea that stitches together green and blue patches of water that wind up sliding to the white and powder-fine sand. Nothing compared to the rejoicing experience of staying at any of its many hotel resorts and the excellent food of its many restaurants. A tour around the city can begin with a ride on the Appleton Express train, formerly used by the government as its official means of transportation. This train has now been transformed for a one-day, 60-km trip into the country. Some of the stops are almost mandatory: a visit to the Appleton Rum Distillery, the Ipswich Caves plus two other stopovers for passengers to get off and buy ready-made clothes. The city's downtown area features The Cage, an 18th-century prison for slaves and runaway sailors; the gorgeous St. James Parish and the Great House. Driving uptown, there's a memorable tour to make around the Hilton High Day Tour that includes a countryside journey. So enjoy the ride and the revelation of a Jamaica imbued in the mysterious Cockpit Country. This is a paradise for scuba divers. We strongly recommend you to feast your eyes on the surrounding nature in Montego Bay's coral reefs, located quite close to the shore, that represent a wildlife teeming with fish. Enjoy the beautiful underwater landscapes with oyster ponds near the Bogue Islands.



The island hosts an international jazz festival every year on May.