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    Basse-Terre is the capital city. It’s located in the west and was the very first one to be discovered. Founded by the French in 1643, it stretches out for 950 square kilometers, comprising an astonishing mountainous landscape, featuring Grande Soufriere, at 1,467 meters high, as the island’s highest peakGuadeloupe is located north of Dominique. Its 795 square kilometers make up two islands –Basse-Terre and Grande-Terre- separated by a seawater canal (Riviere Salée) and bound together by a picture-perfect bridge.The nitty-gritty of the island nation’s trade is focused here. Picture-perfect restaurants serving homemade food, as well as Creole and French cuisine. Plenty of chances to shop around and enjoy a glamorous nightlife. French is the official language, though English is spoken in most of the island’s hotels. The French franc is the national currency. U.S. dollars are normally accepted everywhere.



    The English word hurricane comes from Puerto Rico's Taino Indians, whose god of wickedness was known as Jurakan.