Rosseau has a non-uniform nature, raised lands, beautiful botanical water mountains, cascades of matchless beauty, forests and botanical gardens which are the treasures that the hikers prefer to enjoy sensational vacations. If you visit the different attractions this destination offers such as the National Park Trois Pitons declared Patrimony of the Humanity, you will feel simply great. If it is your wish to have an unforgettable experience, there are expeditions beginning from the Southeastern part of the island which allows you the observation of whole communities of whales and dolphins that will be undoubtedly, the best fellow travelers. It can be also visited the towns of Scotts Head, Pointe Michel or Soufrière with its beautiful bay considered one of the best places of the world for practicing diving not only for the beauty of the see depth but also because the effect of the volcanic activity makes the swimmer to feel that he is surrounded by bubbles offering a unique spectacle. Not far from the natural beauties there are a great amount of hotels, restaurants of international and Caribbean cuisine, numerous stores with a variety of offers and centers that will make your stay the most pleasant and amused.



The Bahamas became the New World's first republic when it was settled by English Puritans.