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    Bonaire belongs to the Leeward Islands within the Netherlands Antilles under the realm of the Dutch Kingdom. Its social, cultural and commercial hub is located in its capital, Kralendijk, which means Small Bonaire. It lacks beaches, yet it boasts a great infrastructure in place for water sports and scuba diving buffs. The island also brags with having exuberant vegetation crowned by peerless cactuses and flowers that shelter major flocks of flamingos. These birds have built hundreds of cone-shaped nests all along the Pekelmeer salt mines. In Bonaire, and especially in its capital, strolling down the J.A. Abraham Boulevard becomes a very popular attraction. Walking past the boulevard, visitors will bump into the Harborside shopping mall, Fort Oranje and the well-known fish market housed in a neoclassical-style building located in an bustling oceanfront street. On your way back, any hotel you've previously picked would certainly make you feel as snug as a bug in a rug and it'll give you the chance of tasting the delicious local food in any of its fine restaurants. On the southern part of the island down to the so-called salt plains, travelers will sight the coral reefs at the Bonaire Marine Park, Wilemstoren's oldest lighthouse and the Sorobon and Boca Cai beaches where musical bands play every weekend. The northern zone is packed with such attractions as the Rincon Mansion, the Barcadera Cave, the Seroe Salt Lake and the Washington National Park. The latter is a popular spot for its desert tropical terrains stretching out for over 5,000 hectares.


    Cockfighting rivals baseball for popularity and fighting roosters can earn a small fortune for their proud owners.