Exumas Islands

Right down the middle of the Bahamas, the Exuma Islands are made up of 365 islets and keys. The two greatest of all are Great Exuma and Little Exuma, both linked by means of a bridge. The brunt of the tourist activity hubs around Georgetown, capital of Great Exuma, embracing the nest hotels and restaurants, and eventually the best nightlife. Elizabeth Harbor is one of Great Exuma's major attractions. This is the hosting site of famous international regattas held annually here and the marine and land National Park, home of a huge variety of rare bird and exotic reptiles. Some of the villages near Georgetown are worth paying a visit to, such as William Town, sporting old plantations and log cabin ruins formerly dwelled by slaves. Rolle Town is just another typical hamlet on Exumas Islands. However, the best offers belong to the sea. Just swing by the northern line of keys and there you'll find excellent beaches for fishing, boating or scuba diving around coral reefs. Staniel Cay, Green Cay and Farmer's Cay, as well as Stocking Island, are great locations for snorkeling. Blue Hole is in it with a cavern named Mystery Cave.



Guyana's Amerindians make all of the hand-crafted goods on offer in the 16 booths of Georgetown's Hibiscus Plaza.