Eleuthera Island

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    The Eleuthera Islands to the north of Nassau, between Cat Island and Abacus, reach out for roughly 110 kilometers long and 5 kilometers wide. Well known for the great number of water sports and nautical activities held here, this is an ideal location for those craving fun-packed emotional holidays teeming with sunshine and beach. Snorkeling, fishing, surfing, kayaking, scuba diving or just plunging into the Caribbean's teal-blue waters stand for the area's major attractions. This is the right spot for getting the suntan of your dreams while sprawling on its pinkish sandy beaches. Cave exploration and golf can likewise be practiced. Freedom Island, with colonial towns and white sandy beaches, features Harbor Island, where Titus Hole and Hill Steps Caves can be visited and it's also the site of Dunmore Town, one of the island nation's oldest villages. In Spanish Well, visitors can explore Preacher Cave and Hatchet Bay Cave, just to mention some of the attractions worth coming to. All along the island a huge tourist network stands out with tacky hotel resorts offering a world-class service, restaurants, as well as recreational and amusement facilities. The most sought-after shopping areas are Gregory Town, Harbor Island, Governor's Harbor and Spanish Wells.



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