San Blas Islands

The San Blas Islands are part of an archipelago made up of approximately 113 keys, some 100 unnamed cays and around 30 coral-reef and almost uninhabited islands. Getting to these islands takes a short-haul flight from Panama City. San Blas is penciled in as a gorgeous Caribbean destination of unique natural beauty and indigenous ambiance. Its communities keeps their own economic system, language and old-timed traditions of a millenary life they are steadfastly intended to cling to. Their economy is mostly based on fishing and tourism. Any of the islands could well serve as a starting point to visit different communities and other islets like El Porvenir, Nargana, Wichubwala and many others. That's the right spot to live hard-to-forget experiences at its beaches, practice your nautical sport of choice, take a spin around an almost uninhabited island while you feast your eyes on the natural surroundings, and take a firsthand look at their dweller's traditional dancing and rituals. Service to tourists is guaranteed anywhere on the islands. They are equipped with top-notch hotels, cabanas or bungalows. Some of the islands also have small eateries, bars, stores, two-way radio communication service, postal office, a couple of Catholic churches, sport courts and other amusement options.


Montserrat was the Caribbean's second-largest lime exporter after Dominica. Most of it was sent to Crosse and Blackwell in Britain.