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    If you happen to sail down the Demerara River, you'll get to Georgetown, the country's largest coastal settlement featuring 19th-century wooden houses supported on stilts hedged with a charming green landscape that rims the old Dutch canals. The city infatuates visitors as they walk past countless colonial works built during the British and Dutch rule. Numerous sightseeing places also rivet visitors' attention on wide avenues decked out by rows of trees. Among all buildings, the San Jose Cathedral stands out clearly. This white-facade Victorian-style church was built in 1892. At a height of 182 feet from the ground up, this construction ranks as one of the world's highest wooded structures ever built. Located right in the Demerara River's mouth and along the South American Caribbean coast, Georgetown serves as a starting block for any tour into the country. Travelers touch down on Timheri International Airport and drive to the capital's downtown area where most of the hotels are clustered. A stroll around town will let you have the opportunity of enjoying the top-notch service of its restaurants. In case you want some relaxation, then head for the gorgeous beaches waiting just for you. Come to Georgetown and you'll be in a place you never ever thought of before, full of splendor and treasures.


    Antigua hosts one of the Caribbean's largest regattas - Antigua Sailing Week -, which attracts competitors from all over the world.