Charlotte Amalie

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    Don’t miss out on the opportunity to admire natural beauties this tourist destination has to offer with mountainous regions, an intense greenish hue, countless tropical plants that sway to the blowing wind that makes the bay and beach waters ripple. The place is right for nautical sports and the exploration of unfathomable sea bottoms. Charlotte preserves a fascinating architecture dating back to the 19th century and keeping a piece of the islands’ history and culture. The Black Beard’s Castle, the House of Government, the Christian Fortress, churches, museums, scuba diving centers and natural parks are some of the sightseeing sites visitors could swing by and steal a look at. If shaking a leg, having a ball or listening to great music is what you’re looking for among bars, discos and nightclubs, then this is the right choice for you to make. Its hotels are equipped with the best conveniences and top-notch services money can buy. At the same time, Charlotte gives you a variety of gourmet and commercial offers.


    The island welcomes 65,000 visitors every year - half of them come for the scuba-diving.