San Salvador

It is the capital of El Salvador, located in the center of the country and near the borders of Volcano of San Salvador, in the place known as the Valley of Hamacas. It has a strategical location allowing tourists visiting the rest of the attractions of the country. In this city you can find the famous lagoon Ilopango, and it has undergone violent earthquake effects which have destroyed the city several times, but that is no a reason to prevent the city from having modern buildings, beautiful gardens and peculiar strolls. It is a growing city with enchantment, enthusiasm and typical hospitality of the Salvadorans. During the day, the stores of antiques, crafts, jewelry and galleries of art, turn out to be good options for the visitor. The commercial centers offer a great variety of products and fashions of world-wide recognition. The sites of interest, museums, parks, biological reserves, archaeological zones and historical monuments are other options available to spend your free time. The wonderful hotels invite you to a good rest after a long-haul by the city or a refreshing swim in beaches of the Pacific coast. At night, you may have dinner in some of the existing restaurants, that offer the most exquisite dishes to please your needs, finding a great variety of dishes and very good service. You can also take walks by the Red Zone in San Benito, an illuminated street with bars, nocturnal centers and restaurants to choose, that will make your night the most amused. Don't doubt about visiting this beautiful city. It is a charming destination where your vacations will seem interminable.



The island welcomes 65,000 visitors every year - half of them come for the scuba-diving.